About us

Our Xzota family 

Xzota Jewelry was founded in 2012 by Danielle and Tessy, mother and daughter. Xzota originated from the fast-growing love for the beautiful Bali and the craftsmanship of its smiths. It started with a few points of sale, a self-made webshop, and every now and then a lifestyle event to put Xzota on the map. In addition to jewelry, Xzota also sells presentation materials, which are designed and handmade by Kadek in Bali. Kadek does this with great pleasure and patience. 

Our Bali family was created by sharing knowledge; sewing, quality control, administrative work, etc. Danielle taught Eka how to sew on a sewing machine, she is now very adept at making pillows for us. She also does the full quality control for us and is now learning how to work on the computer. So that she can increasingly become the link between us and the producers when Danielle is not in Bali herself at that time. Danielle lives in Bali for 6 months a year, so we are closely involved in the entire process and there’s good contact between the Balinese and Dutch family. Eka spent a month with us last year to see the Dutch side of Xzota and to get to know the Dutch team. The team in the Netherlands consists of close relationships between Tessy, Danielle, Lieve, and Joyce. Besides the daily office tasks, Lieve works at Xzota as a creative marketer and Joyce as a graphic designer and photographer. 

Since 2012, Tessy has driven throughout the Netherlands to showcase the collection. Now almost 9 years later, we have great cooperation with all of our stores and very nice cooperation with the Bali Family! Due to an increasing social network and points of sale, Xzota is becoming increasingly popular and Xzota is getting a stronger image. Curious about our mission and vision? Then we would like to invite you to take a look at our Xzota page

About Bali 

Bali is very popular and that is mainly because it is so suitable for a short tour in which you can relax a lot. Even in two weeks, it is possible to see almost the whole island. Xzota has a few tips to enjoy the island of Bali. In Bali, it’s always warm, but the dry season is mainly between the months of May and October. When you land in Bali, it's only an hour's drive to Canggu. This is a great destination to start your journey; wonderful beaches, beautiful nature and there is always something to do in the evening. Then you can continue your journey to Ubud, filled with green rice fields, temples, and waterfalls. Ubud is known as the cultural heart of Bali. If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in Bali, then it is best to go to Uluwatu. These beaches are renowned for their surfing conditions and there is a beach party every day. Are you looking for places with a little less tourism? Then it’s certainly worthwhile to travel to the north. We would recommend Lemukih, the nature here is overwhelmingly beautiful.