Silver or Gold?

Hi! My name is Eliza and I work at Xzota. In this blog I’m going to tell you why I prefer wearing gold and silver jewelry rather than choosing between silver or gold. First of all, I love jewelry and I cannot imagine going a day without wearing some jewelry. This is a big contrast from a few years ago, back then I didn’t care about jewelry at all. So weird! My favorite kind of jewelry are rings. I always wear rings and I prefer to wear a ring on every finger! My favorite ring made by Xzota is definitely the Molly ring. I think it’s a real eye catcher but also a basic ring that is easy to combine with other jewelry. People always ask why I wear gold with silver rings. And you know why? Because I think it looks amazing! I always like to try new and different things, so that could be the reason why I love to combine silver and gold. Especially when combining real silver with real gold. The only thing
that’s really important for me is to wear real gold and silver. Because I have quite sensitive skin and get a rash quite easily when I don’t wear real gold or silver. To be honest, I thinkthat real gold and silver always looks amazing on you. Oh! And best of all: the color never fades!

Lots of love from Eliza